Serving Clients, Standing up for Justice

To thrive and endure, democracy requires justice. The law creates a playing field where even the most powerful interests can be held accountable and one plaintiff can change the course of history.

For more than four decades, our firm has been protecting the environment, serving the community, and defending individual rights.

We’ve protected Indian treaty rights in a dozen federal cases. We’ve restricted efforts by the world’s largest food conglomerate to drain public aquifers for bottled water. We’ve forced the U.S. arm of a giant Russian steel company to clean up air pollution in South Dearborn. We’ve won landmark environmental decisions at the Michigan Supreme Court. We’ve helped one of the largest adaptive re-use projects in America become a reality. We’ve won million dollar verdicts for people who were seriously injured.

The rule of law is also how parents hand down assets to children. It’s how people resolve disputes. It’s how businesses are begun and how land is bought and sold. It’s how justice is preserved.

As agents of our clients and servants of the law, we are proud to help people achieve their dreams and stand up for their rights.


Olson, Bzdok & Howard Announces Affiliation with Frankfort’s McKay & McKay

In mutual recognition of the good work and professionalism for which both law firms are known, Olson, Bzdok & Howard is happy to announce that it is now affiliated with Frankfort’s McKay & McKay, which is one of the most well-respected and distinguished firms in northern Michigan. This affiliation will allow Olson, Bzdok & Howard to maintain offices in both Traverse City and Frankfort, so that we can more conveniently serve clients in the surrounding counties throughout northern Michigan.

January 1, 2014