OBH Client Citizens to Keep Rives Rural advocates against proposed power plant at Rives Township Planning Commission Meeting


The recent efforts of the grassroots citizens group Citizens to Keep Rives Rural (CKRR) to protect their community from a massive 1,800 MW natural gas-fired power plant have been receiving great media coverage this week on Michigan NPR and WLNS.    

This Monday, CKRR members and residents of Rives Township urged the Planning Commission to add language to the zoning ordinance clarifying that power plants are not an “essential service.” CKRR is also requesting the Township Board to pass a 6-month moratorium on power plants to give the Board time to revise the zoning ordinance.

The proposed power plant would occupy approximately 200 acres of farmland and potentially damage the health and property values of Rives residents in addition to contributing to climate change. But, there is no evidence that additional natural gas generation is needed in Michigan.


Photo of Lydia Barbash-Riley


Lydia Barbash-Riley is an associate attorney with Olson, Bzdok & Howard specializing in environmental and energy law. You can learn more about Lydia on our site here or contact her at lydia@envlaw.com.




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